How much does the fin and tail weigh?

The fin and tail together weigh around 2.5kg, (maximum 3kg), depending on size).


Am I allowed to use my tail in swimming pools?

Yes of course! We advise that you swim by the edge of the pool so that you don’t disturb or hit other swimmers with your tail.


How do I know what size tail and fin to order?

We have set up a detailed sizes section for your reference and you must make sure the sizes you send us are correct.


What’s the material of the tail like? 

Created only from the best lightweight Polyester and Spandex blend, the tails are safe to be used in chlorinated and salt water. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, our beautiful tails were designed to resemble a real mermaid’s tail, and the detail in the scales and fluke have been designed to look 3D. Our team has created custom, fun and realistic prints, exclusively for the Mermaid Tail Factory and for you and your little mermaids’ enjoyment.



How should I wash and store my tail when not in use?

Rinse the tail and fin under fresh water – you don’t need to disassemble every time. If you wish to give the tail a machine wash, it can be washed at 30c, however don’t use detergent as this can cause the colors to fade. When you swim in salt water, make sure you wash the tail’s zipper in fresh water after use. Always store the fin upright on the heel of the ‘shoe’, or on its side – never on the points of the fin as this will cause damage.


What if my tail and fins are the wrong size when they arrive?

We ask that you submit the correct sizes when placing your order, as unfortunately measurement mistakes cannot be rectified by us. Please click here



How do I cancel an order and are there any charges?

Once the order has been made by you via the website, any cancellations will automatically incur a 10% handling charge, plus any taxes and charges incurred as a result of refund.


What do I do if my tail or fin is damaged when it arrives? 

In the unlikely event of any damage or issues, concerns must be expressed to Us within three days of receipt of your shipment. After three days, we will not be responsible or liable for correcting any problems.



Where can I get my tail or fin repaired if it rips or breaks? 

If your tail gets ripped or worn, you can either repair it yourself or send it to a local tailor. We pride our fins on being virtually unbreakable (unless mistreated), however, in the unlikely case of breakage, please contact us with your query and we can advise on an individual basis.



How can I pay for my tail?

You can pay for your products via Paypal, with your credit/debit card or with bank transfers. Please see all our payment information here 


How much are delivery costs?

Prices will vary depending on your location. When you are in the Store, the shipping will be shown for the Philippines. If you wish to change your location, then please click and select your country, and the shipping price will be changed automatically.
















If you have any other questions, just contact us.

Created by Mermaids for the Mermaids